Summer Program

The summer program commences during the initial week of June and typically concludes towards the end of July. We provide a diverse range of activities for your child, including Kidzlit which incorporates reading and mathematics. Additionally, they have the opportunity to participate in excursions to notable locations such as the Gathering Place in Tulsa, Discovery Lab, Incredible Pizza, and weekly swimming days. Our offering extends beyond mere daycare, encompassing educational adventures, enjoyable learning, and the cultivation of lifelong social and emotional skills. As a family-centered initiative, we hold a deep affection for your child, akin to our own, and are committed to their individual well-being.

Want to enroll your child in Boys and Girls Club of SEK? Go to our home page and click on Parent Portal! Adventure and Learning awaits!

Join us on an Adventure Packed Summer!

Our Boys & Girls Club Summer Program will start up On June 3rd! To register your student(s) for the summer program you will need to click on Parent Portal and the top of our website, Questions? email us at or call us at 620.252.6470.