I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the impact your organization had/has on my life.
As you know, I have accepted my dream job as a special education teacher at Caney High School. This is a dream I honestly thought I had missed the opportunity to fulfill, until you showed belief in me as your teen site director.

Before I became a part of the BGC family, I had experienced many adverse situations in my life that had left me in a state of simply surviving. I had given up on my personal dreams. I had come to believe the negativity that had been programmed into my brain. Things like ‘you will never amount to anything” and “you are garbage, no one wants you”. Although I had come to believe those things about myself, I still had a small ember of hope that I could at least try to save kids from reaching the point I had arrived at in my life.

I have spent the majority of my working days in the field of education and working with children of all ages. While this gave me a little piece of satisfaction that I was making a difference, I still possessed an emptiness I did not know how to fill. One day after I had gone through a difficult divorce and relocated to start over, I was informed of an opening at BGC for a summer position. I applied and was hired as a teen staff and fell in love with the program. After about a year of working in the program as a teen staff and after school tutor, I was offered the position of teen site director which I hesitantly accepted.

You see, I had never been given an opportunity like this. I did not have any experience in this type of position. I had no faith in myself or my own abilities. However, you apparently seen something in me that I could not at that time see in myself and for that I cannot thank you enough.

Fast forward to where I am today. As I sit here in my very own classroom, the one I had given up on, I can’t help but be reminded of the BGC mission statement “To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens”. I know this is directed towards the youth served by your organization but for me it applies to every person fortunate enough to be a part of the Club.

When I applied for my dream position, I was asked to submit reference letters. One of those letters, had the words, “because Alicia was a leader at Boys & Girls Club, I believe she possess skills that even many teachers do not have that will make her successful in any classroom”. Again, I cannot thank you enough for seeing beyond my brokenness, focusing on my potential and giving me the space and support to dream again.

I have heard the phrase “once a Club kid always a Club kid” many times and I would like to close by saying, I will forever be a Club “kid”. I will forever “bleed blue” and support the Club in any way I possibly can because Great Futures truly Start Here!

Alicia Melton


Alicia Melton

SPED Teacher, Previous employee of Boys and Girls Club of Coffeyville

Deja Kuehn started as a Boys and Girls Club member in the 1st grade. Hear more about her time with Boys & Girls Club below! My time as a Club member was filled with fun activities and staff who made the biggest positive impact on me. For that reason, I ended up becoming a staff member in 2018 when I was 16. Never did I think that working with the kids would impact my life as much as it did. Working at Boys and Girls Club led me to choose a career path in secondary education and I wanted to stay in Coffeyville to see the K-8 graders I’ve worked with over the years through their high school years. During my three years of college, I still came back and worked and visited the kids as much as I could. With the experience and references from my time at Club, I’ve been able to achieve my goal of teaching math at the high school in Coffeyville. Boys and Girls Club is an amazing program, both for the members and the staff, and I’m happy to say it’s helped guide me and showed me how important and special it is to be involved in the members’ development as students and people.
Deja Kuehn

Math Teacher for FKHS, Member of BGC since 2018